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A platform uniting world-class leaders, technologists, and changemakers to create transformative impact through technology.

We cultivate and empower conscious leaders
to create impactful unicorns

Unicorns for Good (UFG) is a global platform on a mission to educate, empower, and enhance a new generation of conscious leaders to apply and scale technology for greater good.

Impact Unicorn


An exceptional company or organization that has more than one billion dollar valuation while creating profound positive impact on society or the environment.  


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An international organization with a network of 3000+ water organisations, GWP is working with UFG to co-promote innovation in water resources.

Consistently ranked as one of the world's best universities, NUS is joining hands with Unicorns for Good to promote Tech-for-Good and Mindful Leadership

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A prominent platform that has empowered millions of youths, TIG works with UFG to empower youths with technology and education to tackle global and local challenges



Experience personal transformation with clearer purpose, enhanced creativity and wellbeing.


Forge worldclass synergistic partnerships to innovate and scale transformative technology.


Amplify your impact and influence as role model to inspire the next-generation of conscious innovators. 


What if you can access technology and funding to transform one billion lives and the Planet?
What if your investment or company grows into the next Impact Unicorn?

Join our world-class community
of technologists, business leaders, investors, philanthropists and policymakers united to accelerate tech for greater good.

Sign the Tech-for-Good Pledge to access funding, mentors, frontier technology, and strategies.



We are looking for conscious leaders in the following groups to join our alliance:


For the innovators  - we offer resources, networking, training, and market access to scale.

Industry Experts

For the experienced - we help you drive global thought leadership and influence even further to resolve critical global challenges

Academia and Universities

For the explorers - we offer joint research opportunities, use cases, and industry connections to power your research.

Conscious Capital

For the funders - we facilitate deal-flow of potential Tech-for-Good Unicorns through our global network.

Research Institutes

For the technologists & scientists - we offer opportunities to apply your breakthrough technology for good.

Multinational Corporations

For the well-resourced - we offer meaningful CSR engagements, ESG Corporate innovation opportunities, and potential tech acquisitions.

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